Vintage Food Truck Catering Options

Vintage Food Truck

Meet Whisky, perfect for your catering and bar solution.

Whisky Vintage Food Truck & Bar

Stand out in a crowd with Whisky our Kitchen and Bar.

Food truck catering has become increasingly popular for any event, such as but not limited to business meetings, weddings and celebrations, due to several reasons, they are unique and give a memorable experience.
They bring a sense of novelty and excitement, creating a fun and interactive atmosphere. Guests enjoy having their food prepared fresh onsite and can witness the cooking process, adding an element of entertainment to the event.
Food trucks are mobile, making them suitable for various event venues. They can easily adapt to indoor or outdoor settings. We also have pop-up kitchens and their compact size allows them to navigate spaces that may be challenging for traditional catering setups.

Mobile food truck requirements

Our food truck can be stationed in parking lots, outdoor venues, or even within larger event spaces, providing a flexible dining option for any location. These different setup allows us not to rely on the venue or private kitchens and most important, be able to cook onsite, allowing you to eat good fresh tasty food. All from an accredited, fully licensed, insured mobile commercial kitchen

As a general rule, Whiskey requires the following:

  • Two by 15 amp power sockets, not through a power board. (We do carry ampfibian to adapt to a 10amp power socket)
  • Access to potable water tap (drinking water)
  • Flat parking area 9m long 2.5 wide 3.4m high

Please let us know if a 15 amp socket isn't available and if you have a smaller space. We have options and a generator is available for hire with prior notification

Pop Up Kitchen

designed to conquer spaces where traditional catering setups face challenges..

Discover our innovative pop-up kitchens, designed to conquer spaces where traditional catering setups face challenges. Our compact kitchen setup can effortlessly navigate and fit into areas like your garage, garden, driveway, or even a business parking space. Despite their smaller footprint, our pop-up kitchens are fully equipped with commercial-grade appliances necessary to create an array of amazing, fresh, and delicious dishes for you and your guests to relish.

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