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We pride ourselves on creating events to remember. Our dedicated team will ensure that your event runs smoothly from start to finish. We understand the importance of impeccable timing and presentation, ensuring that each experience is not only a feast for the taste buds but also a visual delight.

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Simon Wallace - CEO

Being in the industry as a young lad in a family business, my passion grew, leading me to study to become a chef. I completed my apprenticeship at the Watermark Restaurant in Balmoral Beach, Sydney and The Menzies Hotel in Sydney. This took me on a journey of travelling worldwide, expanding my skills and building my passion. Developing my experience and enthusiasm from working in hatted restaurants in Sydney, 5-star hotels and a 7-star cruise ship worldwide. Developing my skills and climbing the senior ladder to become Sous Chef & Head Chef led me to work with some of the best-named chefs in the industry.

My vision

Bringing people together and making a positive impact on our customers, team, environment, and community is at the core of our purpose. We aim to establish an exceptional reputation by consistently exceeding expectations in every service, dedicating ourselves to the success of our customers' significant moments and crafting unforgettable events.

Jilly Wallace - Director

Originating in the UK and embarking on voyages aboard luxury cruise ships and backpacking adventures worldwide, I gained a profound appreciation for the diverse experiences shaping my life and illuminating the value of life's smaller pleasures. The fresh outdoor air, the countryside, and the embracing environment became things I truly treasured.
My encounter with Simon during our time on cruise ships eventually led me to relocate to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, where I started my very own family. I delved into studing interior design. This path naturally led me to become more aware of our environment and use natural quality Australian products, creating less waste.
Witnessing Simon's hunger for his craft to grow, we jointly embarked on a new venture: establishing a café and bar, Benchmark.
While Simon's passion for catering was always a driving force, gleaned from his experiences in grand hotels, we eventually took the leap to close that chapter and pursue our dreams. Good 2 Eat Catering was born. My role encompasses establishing Good 2 Eat Veggie Garden & being the visual identity of the business and guiding our team to excel in their respective capacities.

Gail and G
Gijs Kleinendorst Head Chef

My experience started from the Netherlands, I have extensive experience in different kitchens & enviroments. Managing busy services while supervising and
motivating staff to perform to best of their abilities across every

Having honed my skills in numerous fine dining establishments, I have gained a wealth of experience that I apply diligently today.

Gijs holds honesty and hard work in high regard, guiding his culinary philosophy. His responsibilities encompass a spectrum of tasks, including managing orders and accommodating dietary needs for your event.  Gijs ensures the team is well-prepared for the upcoming bustling weeks, exemplifying his dedication to maintaining excellence.

Gonzalo Marca Sous Chef

My culinary journey and my profound passion for food found its roots in my early years. Growing up within a tight-knit family, dinnertime emerged as a pivotal "Social event," a cherished tradition. I would often find myself captivated, observing my Grandmother's culinary prowess as she skillfully crafted homemade pasta and other delectable dishes that brought everyone immense joy.

At the age of 18, I embarked on a journey to Spain, where I was presented with the opportunity to work in various restaurants. This experience not only solidified my culinary skills but also deepened my love for the art of food preparation. After five enriching years in Spain, I returned to Argentina, where I dedicated myself to studying as a Professional Chef.

My journey then led me to New Zealand 18 years ago, where I forged a new chapter by starting a family with my marriage and welcoming two daughters.

The thrill of travel, the discovery of diverse cultures, and the exploration of distinct culinary methods have remained a constant source of fascination for me. Continuously seeking novel ingredients, experimenting with innovative flavors, and crafting new dishes have become my perpetual pursuits.


Gonza BBq Courtney photography
Gail Serving Canapés at Vanessas Wedding
Gail Biffin Admin & Event Supervisor 

Joining our team in 2022 to provide invaluable assistance during our peak period, Gail swiftly distinguished herself through her meticulous attention to detail and remarkable interpersonal abilities. Her adeptness in guiding event teams became evident early on. Recognizing Gail's organisational prowess, we also enlisted her aid in updating our systems and overseeing their implementation within the office.

In her current role, Gail has embraced significant responsibilities in event coordination. She takes charge of organizing event forms, meticulously reviewing run sheets for accuracy, ensuring proper staffing and offering training as necessary, and confirming the accuracy of equipment lists provided to our warehouse staff.

Gail's approach is defined by her readiness to tackle any task and her genuine enthusiasm for creating memorable experiences for our clients.

Here's an interesting tidbit about Gail: She's also the author behind "Rona The Glitterbug," a charming children's storybook that doubles as a keepsake commemorating the unique times of COVID-19.

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