How to Save Money on Your Catering

Without compromising on quality

Food Truck with Bar

How to Save Money on Your Catering

Choosing a caterer can be tricky, and you might receive quotes that range from very low to quite high. Here are some effective ways to save money on your catering without compromising on quality:

  1. Opt for Less Staffing: Staffing can be one of the most significant costs in catering. Choosing options that require fewer staff members can help reduce expenses. For example, a buffet allows fewer chefs to prepare the food, and less waitstaff can serve it more efficiently, reducing the number of staff needed.
  2. Combine Food and Bar Services: Hiring the same company for both food and bar services can be cost-effective. When food service begins, the bar typically gets quieter, allowing bar staff to assist with food service. This dual role reduces the need for additional staff, saving you money.
  3. Consider Drop-Off Catering: Drop-off catering is an excellent option for getting delicious food without the cost of having a chef or waitstaff on-site. The food is prepared and delivered to your location, and you can handle the setup and service yourself or with minimal help.

I hope these tips help you save money on your catering while still providing a fantastic dining experience for your guests!