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Feast Sharing Platters

Shared with friends and loved ones around the table.

The dishes are crafted with a passion for great food and a desire to recreate those exceptional dining experiences. Your menu choice is three mains and three sides. The dishes are both sophisticated and timeless, ensuring they appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

The shared dining experiences are served with bread rolls and butter, Including ceramic plates, cutlery and quality paper napkins.

Simon's favourite dining style is reminiscent of warm, familial gatherings where bowls and platters of delicious dishes are shared among everyone, allowing them to help themselves.


Buffet-style catering is a dining style where a variety of dishes are presented on a separate long table, allowing guests to choose from an assortment of options.

Buffet-style catering offers a wide range of dishes to cater to different tastes and preferences. The menu has three main courses and three side dishes, you can choose a dessert table, or we can slice your cake for you. This variety ensures that guests have ample choices to create personalised meals according to their preferences. Includes bio plates and cutlery.

Alternate Drop Plated

An alternate drop, or plated event, is a dining format commonly used for formal events or weddings.

In this style, guests are served a predetermined selection of dishes in a sequence, with each guest receiving one of two options for each course. The dishes in an alternate drop or plated event are meticulously plated and presented to showcase their visual appeal. Garnishes and drizzles of sauce enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. The attention to detail in the plating reflects the formal nature of the event.

An alternate drop or plated event creates a formal and refined atmosphere. The structured dining format, attention to presentation, and table side service contribute to an elegant ambience suitable for upscale events or occasions that call for a sophisticated dining experience.

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