Conference catering

Over 16,000 meals served from 3 commercial mobile kitchens.

September this year had the team assist in the Ignite Youth Conference at Mueller College Rothwell QLD.

This being said, we can set up an accredited kitchen in almost any location providing our clients food above and beyond what you could imagine.

One of the dishes we served has a base sauce I learnt from a Burmese while working on the cruise ships.

Such a versatile sauce can be used to marinate chicken, brush over a piece of salmon before baking or as simple as a dipping sauce.

With just as a simple of a method.
Add sugar with all the liquids, whisk until the sugar is dissolved.
Mix through garlic, ginger and spice.
Check the seasoning with a splash of fish sauce.
Use the fried shallots and Crushed peanuts to garnish.
Most importantly …..